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AutoMeter Gauges

Since 1957, performance enthusiasts have relied on AutoMeter gauges to accurately deliver the information they need to win. That's because AutoMeter puts rugged, race-proven movements into every gauge. When it comes to style, nobody offers you more great looking options than AutoMeter. You can make over your entire dashboard or just add some extra gauges from AutoMeter's huge selection of speedometers, tachometers, gauges, data collection, and shift lights. AutoMeter also has the wiring kits, mounting solutions, and accessories you need for easy installation. Look inside any winning ride—you’re bound to find AutoMeter

AutoMeter AU233904 Auto Gage 5" Tachometer W Shift Light 0-10K RPM
14% OFF RRP $449.64
AutoMeter AU4437 Ultra-Lite Water Temp Gauge 2-5/8"
7% OFF RRP $160.31



2% OFF RRP $364.18
AutoMeter AU0212 Performance Gauges Race Banner 3 Foot - Perfect For The Man Cave / Shed
8% OFF RRP $60.00
AutoMeter AU1128 Cruiser 2-1/16" Elec Oil Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI
5% OFF RRP $195.20
AutoMeter AU1138 Cruiser 2-1/16" Elec Water Temperature Gauge 100-250°F
1% OFF RRP $170.25
AutoMeter AU1196 Cruiser 3-3/8" In Dash Elec Tachometer 8000 RPM
9% OFF RRP $433.81
AutoMeter AU1215 American Muscle 2-1/16" Elec Fuel Level Gauge 73-10 OHMS
9% OFF RRP $157.08
AutoMeter AU1232 American Muscle 2-1/16" Water Temp Gauge Mech. 120-240°F
1% OFF RRP $235.86
AutoMeter AU1236 American Muscle 2-1/16" Elec Water Temp Gauge 100-250°F
4% OFF RRP $170.25
AutoMeter AU1256 American Muscle 2-1/16" Oil Temp Gauge Elec. 140-280°F
1% OFF RRP $331.14
AutoMeter AU1288 American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Speedo 0-160 MPH
16% OFF RRP $586.86
AutoMeter AU1288-M American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Speedo 0-260 KPH
11% OFF RRP $586.86
AutoMeter AU1295 American Muscle Speedometer/Tachometer 120 MPH 8000 RPM 5 In
2% OFF RRP $912.45
AutoMeter AU1297 Old Tyme White II 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Tachometer 0-10000 RPM
28% OFF RRP $390.05
AutoMeter AU1298 American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Tachometer 0-8000 RPM
9% OFF RRP $450.57
AutoMeter AU1299 American Muscle 5" Elec. In-Dash Tachometer 0-8000 RPM
7% OFF RRP $466.04
AutoMeter AU1300 Arctic White Gauges Mech Speedo Fuel Water Temp Oil Pres Volts
2% OFF RRP $692.43
AutoMeter AU1302 Arctic White Gauges Elec Speedo Fuel Water Temp Oil Press Volts
5% OFF RRP $886.92