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Ignitions & Electrical

Whatever sparks your high performance dream, you’ll find it here and whether you’re in the shop or behind the wheel, our automotive lights and lighting parts and accessories give you the clear vision needed to get the job done right.

Whatever sparks your high performance dream, you’ll find it here. Get your engine started with a high-amp battery and high-torque mini starter. Keep the power flowing with a digital ignition control, performance distributor, and low-resistance ignition wires. Outfit your race car with competition-proven electronics and accessories, or rewire your resto-mod with a complete wiring harness. Reprogram your vehicle’s computer or rejuvenate your daily driver with a new distributor cap, rotor, and spark plugs. We have the best automotive ignition and electrical supplies from the biggest names in the industry, in stock and ready to ship - from Ice Ignition, MSD Ignition and all the inbetween, we will have what you are looking for RIGHT HERE!

Aeroflow AF49-1502 21 Circuit Universalersal Wiring Harness 21 Fuse 12V
4% OFF RRP $458.67
Aeroflow AF49-5000 Red Covered Missile Switch
4% OFF RRP $11.33
Aeroflow AF60-4000 S/S 3/8" Eyelet Adjust Rod End112.4mm / 4.375" + 1" Adjustme
4% OFF RRP $73.07
MSD Ignition MSD31223 Super Conductor Universal V8 Leads 90° Plug Boots HEI Dizzy Boots
4% OFF RRP $207.64
MSD Ignition MSD5554 Chev SB Street Fire Spark Plug Wire Sets
2% OFF RRP $97.24
MSD Ignition MSD85773 Ford 302-351C 429-460 Black Pro Billet HEI Distributor Small Base
10% OFF RRP $679.54
MSD MSD8733 GM LS Series Engine Adjustable 2-Step Brake Launch Control
4% OFF RRP $566.28
1Metre ICE Coil Lead

1Metre ICE Coil Lead