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Our Engine Compatibility tool is to be used as a guide only. please check on the individual parts description to ensure this suits your requirements, if you are unsure, please contact the EMA sales team.
Please note that universal parts are not listed under any specific compatibility.


Aeroflow AF2031-2116 Panel Filter Vt - Vy Comm ODoreryco A1358 Equiv Cotton Elemen
52% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2015 Panel Filter Ford Eb - Au A491Equivalent Cotton Element
52% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2080 Panel Filter Calibra for Nissan Navara Saab A483 A1598
52% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2105 Panel Filter Mitsubishi Lanceroutlander A1311 Equiv Cotton
30% OFF RRP $89.95
Aeroflow AF2031-2154 Panel Filter for Subaru A1426 Impreza Wrx Forester Liberty
43% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2387 Panel Filter - for Toyota Landcruiser 4.7 V8 2007/F-150 5.4L
31% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2392 Panel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo x Outlander 2008-On 2.Ol-2.4L-V6
20% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2852 Panel Filter Ba - Bf Territoryryco A1575 Equiv Cotton
49% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2918 Panel Filter Rodeo V6 Ryco A1512 Equiv Cotton Elemen
52% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2950 Panel Filter Fg Falcon 2008 Onryco A1582 Equiv Cotton Elemen
52% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2031-2980 Panel Filter for Nissan Navara 2005 On 2.5L Diesel Non-Aust
51% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2041-0662 Ford Ranger & Bt50 Air Filter 09/11-15 2.2-2.5-3.2L A1784
12% OFF RRP $104.96
Aeroflow AF2041-0945 Ford Falcon Ba Gt Round Air Filter (Not Bf) A1492 Equiv
30% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2041-1993 Ford Falcon Fg Gs & Gt Supercharged 315 & 335 Kw
29% OFF RRP $94.46
Aeroflow AF2041-2020 for for Nissan Frontier '04-'05 2.5Dsltapered Conical Filter A1495
48% OFF RRP $101.96
Aeroflow AF2041-2023 Round Filter - Rodeo Jackeroo 3.0L Turbo Diesel A1504
43% OFF RRP $74.93
Aeroflow AF2041-2233 Round Filter - for Toyota Hilux Prado 3.4L Ryco A1397
32% OFF RRP $89.95
Aeroflow AF2041-2296 Round Filter for Toyota Hilux Ryco A1541 Equiv Cotton Elemen
30% OFF RRP $89.95
Aeroflow AF2041-2443 Round Filter for Toyota A328 A340Equivalent Landcruiser
38% OFF RRP $82.45
Aeroflow AF2041-2444 Round Filter for Toyota A1407 Equivalent Landcruiser Prado
34% OFF RRP $82.45



K&N Filters KN33-2304 Replacement Air Filter for Subaru Various Models
2% OFF RRP $88.00