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Our Engine Compatibility tool is to be used as a guide only. please check on the individual parts description to ensure this suits your requirements, if you are unsure, please contact the EMA sales team.
Please note that universal parts are not listed under any specific compatibility.


Quick Fuel Q-BR-67212 650CFM Brawler Street Series Carburetor Mechanical Secondary
15% OFF RRP $685.00
Quick Fuel QFTSL-450-VS 450 CFM Slayer Series Carburettor Vacuum Secondaries Electric Choke 4150 Series
22% OFF RRP $690.00
CLEARANCE - Chev 2BBL 2 Jet Factory Carburettor, suits all 4 Bolt Chev Intakes
69% OFF RRP $450.00
CLEARANCE - Chrysler Carter Thermo Quad Carburettor for Reconditioning
70% OFF RRP $600.00
CLEARANCE - HO0-8401-1 750CFM Lift Top Vacuum Secondary Carburettor for Reco
66% OFF RRP $500.00
CLEARANCE - Holley 350 CFM 2 Barrel Manual Choke for Reco
58% OFF RRP $620.00
CLEARANCE - Holley EconoMaster 450 Quadrajet Carburettor
29% OFF RRP $538.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-4412-5 500CFM 2BBL for Reconditioning
63% OFF RRP $600.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-6210 650CFM Spread Bore Double Pumper for Reco
55% OFF RRP $990.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-75009-4 600CFM Marine Carburettor Electric Choke
30% OFF RRP $780.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-8005 600CFM Vacuum Secondaries Manual Choke for Reco
69% OFF RRP $600.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-80573S Supercharger Carburetor 750CFM (Ex Display Stock)
25% OFF RRP $1,070.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-80715F 850CFM Double Pumper Carburettor (Ex Display Stock)
42% OFF RRP $1,188.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO0-9834 600CFM Vac Secondary for Reco
50% OFF RRP $480.00
CLEARANCE - Holley HO01850-3 600CFM Vac Secondary Carburettor for Reco
57% OFF RRP $610.00
CLEARANCE - PC600MC Performance 600CFM Carburettor Square Bore Holley Pattern
17% OFF RRP $420.00
CLEARANCE - Quadrajet  Rochester Early Chev Carburettor - Complete (suit reco)
37% OFF RRP $440.00
9% OFF RRP $753.89