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Gauges & Accesories

Digital or analog, mechanical or electrical, we have any and every aftermarket automotive gauge you can imagine in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so you can keep an eye on all your important engine parameters and performance data.

We also have everything you need to hook them up: senders, cables, and mounting options like gauge panels and pods for A-pillars and dashboards. Take your race-day intelligence to the next level with compact data acquisition systems, shift lights, and warning lights. You can even travel back in time—we have automotive gauges with vintage-style faces and modern technology inside!

With our new product range introduced to EMA in 2016, Classic Instrument Gauges are the perfect selection to customise your dash to completely match your ride!

There are a great range of options that can be customized in each and every gauge – even offering complete customization which can be built from a sketch or idea. Create your one of a kind dash with the options Classic Instruments offers, change any option: Bezels Colours, Flat or Curved Glass, Diffusers, Pointers, LED Illuminations, Graphics Upgrades, Custom Colours and even Retro-Fitting.


All American Nickel Series 3-3/8 Tacho With (With High Step Bezel) (8000 RPM, Curved Glass) (CIAN80SHC)
7% OFF RRP $349.80
AutoMeter AU1196 Cruiser 3-3/8" In Dash Elec Tachometer 8000 RPM
3% OFF RRP $433.81
AutoMeter AU1215 American Muscle 2-1/16" Elec Fuel Level Gauge 73-10 OHMS
3% OFF RRP $157.08
AutoMeter AU1288 American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Speedo 0-160 MPH
10% OFF RRP $586.86
AutoMeter AU1288-M American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Speedo 0-260 KPH
6% OFF RRP $586.86
AutoMeter AU1297 Old Tyme White II 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Tachometer 0-10000 RPM
23% OFF RRP $390.05
AutoMeter AU1298 American Muscle 3-3/8" Elec In-Dash Tachometer 0-8000 RPM
3% OFF RRP $450.57
AutoMeter AU1299 American Muscle 5" Elec. In-Dash Tachometer 0-8000 RPM
1% OFF RRP $466.04
AutoMeter AU1397 Arctic White 2-1/16" Elec In-Dash Tachometer 0-7000 RPM
8% OFF RRP $296.37
AutoMeter AU1398 Arctic White Tachometer 7000RPM 3-1/8"
4% OFF RRP $275.93
AutoMeter AU1399 Arctic White Tachometer 5" In-Dash Elec 0-8000 RPM
8% OFF RRP $337.72
AutoMeter AU1403 Designer Black Speedo & Combo Fuel Water Temp Oil Volts Gauge
4% OFF RRP $996.19